How to configure osclass ads and add Adsense to Osclass?

Osclass ads ? How do I earn money with my osclass website ? How do I utilize my website’s traffic ? How do I display ads on my Osclass website ? How to add Adsense to Osclass?

You can monetize your osclass website with premium items ads. You can mark an item on your osclass website as premium and it will be highlighted, and you can charge the client for the premium item.

Most of the modern osclass themes supports displaying of advertisement on the website. You can use any advertiser’s scripts to display ads on your site as long as the osclass theme supports.

Most of the theme supports 5 ads format or 5 ads placement which is as follows:

  1. Header 728×90 ( 728px X 90px )
  2. Homepage 728×90 ( 728px X 90px )
  3. Search results 728×90 (top of the page – 728px X 90px )
  4. Search results 728×90 (middle of the page – 728px X 90px )
  5. Sidebar 300×250 ( 300px X 250px )

Open theme setting and add the ads scripts provided to you by Google adsense.

How to apply for google adsense account?

Visit and click sign up and add your site and follow the instruction given by google on how to set up your adsense account. Google will provide your with a script for website verification , copy the script and paste it your <head></head> section of your osclass website. It might take up to 3 days for google to verify your website.

After your site has been verified you will receive an email. Go to my ads and create ad units according to the format supported by your current installed osclass theme.

If your google adsense account does not get verified the you can use alternative ads notwork like Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads or any other ads notwork that you have access to.

You can display your local ads as it supports html format ads as well.

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