How to protect osclass admin panel

Osclass ships with backend admin panel to customize and control the website. However if you have worked with osclass then its easy to guess the admin panel for an osclass website. For instance lets say your osclass website is hosted on then its obvious that the admin panel login will be found at

Hackers and other developer might try to break your website by loging in to your website’s admin panel. So the big question is how do we secure our osclass hosted website’s admin panel.

How to protect osclass admin ?

Osclasswizards’s admin protect plugin will help you solve this problem . The plugin will cost you $15 USD and its worth the price.

Features :

  • Custom admin slug.
  • Hides your admin URL.
  • Lets you rename your admin login URL.

How does admin protect plugin work?

adding custom slug to the admin protect plugin
adding custom slug to the admin protect plugin

After you have installed the plugin go to the configure page and add the slug you want instead of “oc-admin” which the default slug. Lets say we don’t want out osclass admin panel at instead we want our osclass admin panel at then add your slug as “mynewadminpanel” and check the enable checkbox and click save changes. They also provide an alternate URL in case you forget your new admin URL. Save the alternate URL it come in handy some day when you forget your new admin slug. You can enable and disable the protect plugin just at a click of a button.

After you have added your new slug and enabled the plugin if someone try’s to access your admin panel at they will be redirected to 404 not found error page. If you are logged in to your admin panel and visit you will be redirected to your admin panel with the new slug name.

Below is the intro video by osclaswizards on how the plugin works.

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