Limit osclass login / throttling login attempts

How can I “throttle logins” or “how can I limit login attempts” is a common question raised from time to time among web application developers and website owners.

Multiple failed login attempts might be a security issue of a risk to your website. Wouldn’t it be better if we could control the number of login limit a user can make. Most of the custom web application build today have a login limit integrated.

Limit osclass login?

We can limit osclass login attempts on osclass website too with LOGIN ATTEMPTS PLUGIN.
Login Attempt is a premium osclass plugin that throttles user login attempts and limits the number of login attempts a user can make. Now you can limit the number of login attempts by users.

Download the plugin and after the installation click on the configure button on the plugins table and setup your login attempts.


  • Custom number of user login attempts.
  • Custom time period after which user can login again after failed login attempt.
  • Works with all version of Osclass Themes

It is has a minimal setup. You just need to add the number of times a user can attempt for login. After how many minutes can a user retry login ? By default a user can try to login after 5 minutes

Login attempts remaining
Login attempts remaining

When a user makes a login and if it fails the plugin will inform the user with the number of attempts left as  a flash message. It the number of login attempts  has reached the threshold then the plugin will display a countdown to the next login attempt, and the login the button will be disabled until the countdown ends.

Next login attempt countdown
Next login attempt countdown

When the next login attempt countdown ends the plugin will automatically enable the login button and the user can make new login attempts.

You can limit the login attempt and set the countdown timer to the number which you feel is good. Login limit and the countdown timer is customizable.

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