Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Benefits of enqueuing styles and scripts in osclass

3 Benefits of enqueuing styles and scripts in osclass

We all wish that our website stand out in comparison to others and don't want to get noticed for being slow to load. With the help of custom style and script...
Osclass hooks

Osclass hooks explained, how to add and run osclass hooks

A hook is a small piece of code that allows you to insert more code (plugin) in the middle of certain Osclass' actions. For instance we want a certain job or...
How to install osclass

How to install osclass?

This article will help you install osclass classified scripts and get started in 5 minutes. For this article we will be using XAMPP read more about xampp here Osclass installation requirements : ...


How to protect osclass admin panel

Osclass ships with backend admin panel to customize and control the website. However if you have worked with osclass then its easy to guess...
Free osclass themes 2018

Free osclass themes 2018

top 5 free osclass themes

Top 5 free osclass themes