Top 5 premium osclass themes

There are over 600 themes in the osclass market, the market is updated everyday with new themes and plugins. For the past couple of years people have been downloading and using osclass more than ever. With thousand of websites build with osclass you will want your website to look and unique from the rest at least in your targeted region.

So here are the top 5 premium osclass themes that people have purchased:

1. Zara Theme (Full responsive)  ( 29 $ ) – LIVE DEMO

Zara Theme (Full responsive)
Zara Theme (Full responsive)

Zara theme is revolutionary theme for osclass that brings much more user friendly design not only on desktop devices, but also on mobile phones & tablets. Currently there does not exist theme that would provide better functionality and design.



Features :

  • easy and modern design following actual trends in webdesign
  • perfect usability on all types of devices
  • plenty of plugins delivered with theme to match it’s design
  • email protection against bots for user emails shown on listing page
  • image slideshow on listing page
  • better usability of alerts, where user can see basic alert parameters
  • search parameters stored in cookies to remember user choice
  • easy publish form
  • unique design for pictures upload that is miles ahead comparing to any other theme
  • perfect user public profile that provides information about user items

2. Gum Theme  ( 20 $ ) – LIVE DEMO

Gum Theme
Gum Theme

Gum is the new Osclass theme made by Osclass team, it’s a responsive theme influenced by the latest web design trends. Your classifieds website will have a professional look that encourages users to publish their ads. Gum theme it is completely responsive, your users will experience all the features from any device, even smartphones and tablets.

Gum theme also offer support for rtl (Right To Left) languages (Arabic writing system, Persian and Hebrew scripts).

Also Gum theme comes with exclusive new features that has never seen before in previous Osclass themes, like favorites (watchlist plugin integration) or the possibility to partially hide the publisher phone number to keep track of how many users click to see the phone and have information about the listing performance. On other hand, Gum theme comes with footer SEO links. You will be able to show SEO links with the lastest searches on your site and popular locations SEO links like popular regions or cities. Also show when an user has registered in your website and started selling, this way users will be more confident if they know that the seller have a long track record as a seller or has just begun selling yesterday.

Gum theme allows you to change the banner image that appear at homepage, also you will be able to add text (with html if you need) and change the text and bakcground color to fit your design.

3. AIClassy ( 30 $ ) – LIVE DEMO


Clean & Responsive Design, Compatible with latest osclass, Eye catching layout, Cross browser compatible
Updated to utilize multiple color schemes. Now you can use a dozen of color schemes on a single theme.
Custom plugins added to add/update slider and advertisement banner images



  • Dozens of color schemes to apply
  • Slider for premium Plugins
  • Multi Level (Sub Sub category) menu generation support
  • Clean & Responsive Design
  • Multipe home page designs to apply
  • Multi language support added
  • Advertisements areas added
  • Compatible with latest osclass versions
  • Fresh layout
  • Cross browser compatible
  • W3C Valid Code, CSS3
  • Premium OSclass template
  • More Colors will be added soon

4. Responsive One theme ( 29 $ ) – LIVE DEMO

Responsive One theme
Responsive One theme

Olxx becomes responsive One. New name new look for theme olxx, and new option added in this theme.

English support 100%. And for other languages, available in osclass market the theme is translated in proportion of 95%. We have included other words that is not in languages and for that reason the support for other language is only 95%. We offer support for translate the rest of 5% for the language available in market osclass.

Features :

  • Smart search of region in home page.
  • Image on categories and subcategories on home page.
  • Count characters on publish page for title and description.
  • User ads in item page.
  • Print, delete and edit option for add on item page.
  • Related ads in item page.
  • Number of views.
  • Hide phone number and contact form.
  • Pop up for select category on publish page

5. Fino ( 19 $ ) – LIVE DEMO


This is most functional, very user friendly and modern design theme.This theme is the result of work professionals team.

1 . Full Responsive Theme for computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones.

2 . Bootstrap , HTML5, CSS3

3 . Different colors – Blue, green, black-red, blue-grey, dark-pink, tomato, cornsilk, queen-blue, violet-blue, blue-cyan, neptune, teal-green. Press a gear at the left in demo and choose the color.

4 . Responsive Сarousel On the main page with custom settings for admin:

a) select number of items to show in carousel  from admin part

b) select to show premium or popular items

c) hide carousel

5 . Social networks – share buttons in item page.


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