What is osclass ?

Osclass is an open source php classified scripts. Osclass focuses on building rapid classified without any programming and technical knowledge.  Osclass project began in Barcelona in early 2011 and since then hundreds of people have generously collaborated. Oslcass is license under which the osclass software is released is the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Osclass has user friendly interface which includes a dashboard for the admin to manage the site, user can login and register and mange their personal accounts, post ads, search for ads, keep track of search with alerts. You can customize your site with premium themes and plugins from the osclass marketplace. The market itself is build using osclass classified scripts.

Osclass sites are where people can buy and sell new an old products Eg: Cars, Mobile phones, services, etc etc. Oslcass comes with different languages for the admin as well as for the users. Oslcass has a huge marketplace where you can buy premium themes and plugins it has over 600 themes, you can find real estate themes, reponsive osclass themes and others.

Oslcass is available in 5 fully translate languages ( English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Català )

Features of osclass : 

  1. Payment options – You can charge your users the amount you decide to post an ad on your website and earn money from day one
  2. Worldwide locations – Create your classified ads webpage for any place in the world
  3. Watermark – Automatically include a watermark to images uploaded by your users so that nobody can steal content.
  4. Alerts – Grow in users using your webpage thanks to the alerts service.
  5. Static pages – Create up to 100 static pages to explain who you are and more.
  6. Add categories and subcategories – Do you need more categories than the default quantity on your Osclass webpage? Don’t worry. You can modify or create as many categories and subcategories as you need.
  7. Add your banners – You have pre-filled spaces with the most common ad formats to make it easy for you to show your own ads on your website and earn money
  8. Google Maps integrated
  9. Choose currency – Euros, dollars, rupees or pounds are some of the coins you can use in your page.
  10. Responsive for mobiles and tablets – Your website will be responsive for mobiles and tablets ( according to the theme installed ), which will improve your webpage SEO.


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